Screw Extractor Set 4 PCS for Damaged Screw Remove and Stripped by Kuenuilr



  • ☆ HIGH QUALITY: This screw extractor kit made from standard high speed steel and super hard titanium coated.The hardness is 63-65 HRC.Higher hardness than other brands extractors.
  • ☆ SIZE: The stripped screw extractor set use for iron and steel screws with a diameter between 3 and 12mm. Easy extractors damaged screw and remove the most stubborn stripped, damaged, embedded, rusted and painted-over screws and bolts.
  • ☆ USE:This speed out screw extractor work on Allen Bolts, Machine Screws, Lag Bolts, Wood Screws, Hex Bolts, Sheet Metal Screws, Rounded Bolts etc. And damaged screw remove and extractor.
  • ☆ APPLICATION: This broken screw extractor set compatible with all brands of power drills and screwdriver handles tools.
  • ☆ EASY TO CARRY: Our stripped screw extractor are provided with a waterproof box for easy carrying and prevent rusting.
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